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Paul Dean | Program Director | 2013 to Present

Paul was born and raised in Newfoundland. As a professional geologist, he has had a diverse career in research, mineral exploration, public service and public education. He is the former Executive Director of the Johnson Geocentre, a world-class geological interpretation centre located in St. John's, NL. Paul served as the Assistant Deputy Minister of Mines and Deputy Minister of Environment and Conservation throughout his 25 years in the public service. He is also a story writer, a story teller, and advocate for traditional music and dance. Paul has had stories published in the Newfoundland Quarterly and The March Hare Anthology. 


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Natalie Bursztyn | Geologist-in-Residence | 2019

Natalie is a Canadian with an educational background in mineral and energy exploration (precious metal economic geology BScEng and MScEng) from Queen's University, Kingston. She started her higher education teaching career with lower division geology courses at Bakersfield College in central California. After earning tenure and a National teaching award from the Geological Society of America, she returned to school to earn her PhD in geomorphology (rock strength in the Colorado Plateau) and Geoscience Education at Utah State University. After the PhD, she returned to California spending three amazing years at CSU Fullerton developing and teaching geoscience education courses before getting an offer to return to Canada and teach at Quest University, Squamish, British Columbia. Natalie is currently working on ways to merge her passion for teaching geology and communicating science to unsuspecting learners with her longtime knitting hobby.


Howard Donohoe | Geologist-in-Residence | 2019 

Howard has always been fascinated with rocks. He retired from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines in 2006 and continues to investigate geology. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of New Brunswick and has mapped parts of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Labrador, and Nova Scotia to understand their geological histories. The Geological Association of Canada has designated him a Distinguished Fellow for his work in geoscience outreach activities. Howard teaches a course in environmental geology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and encourages his students to use their course knowledge for the good of society. He leads geological walks and gives talks about geoscience that challenge his audience to learn more.

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Larry Dyke | Geologist-in-Residence | 2019

Larry retired from the Geological Survey of Canada in 2009 but has remained active in research, teaching and geology-related volunteer activities since then. Most of his work at GSC focused on geologic hazards, most importantly landslides and permafrost but also groundwater resources. He also taught these subjects for 10 years at Queen’s University. Early in his career, he caught the last episodes of the GSC regional mapping era, getting to help with the last stages of Operation Porcupine in Northern Yukon. He makes his home in North Bay, Ontario, where he maintains an association with the Canadian Ecology Center and Nipissing University. He is presently beginning a collaboration with First Nations groups in northern Manitoba concerning climate change implications for permafrost. Larry is joining GatE for his first residency in June 2019.


Kyle Vokey | Summer Student | 2019

Kyle is a fourth year student at Memorial University of Newfoundland working on a major in Geology with a minor in Geography. Raised in Spaniard’s Bay, NL, he looks forward to the opportunity of working within his home province for the summer with GatE. Kyle’s hobbies include watching and playing soccer (Go Chelsea!), as well as watching and playing a variety of esports.

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Peter Croal | Geologist-in-Residence | 2017, 2018

Peter has a been involved in geological exploration for oil and gas, groundwater, metallic minerals and fuel peat all across Canada.  For the last part of his 35 year career, Peter worked with the Canadian International Development Agency where he was responsible to ensure that CIDA’s development projects overseas were environmentally sound. This also involved work with Indigenous groups to assist in ensuring their knowledge systems and rights were respected in program design. For 15 years, Peter was a wilderness canoe guide in norther Ontario, where he met his wife, who is a wildlife biologist. Now retired from the federal government, Peter does contract work and volunteers for a number of environmental organizations and universities. He also goes north each summer as a geologist/guide with polar cruising organizations. In his spare time you will find peter and his wife on the ski trails or up at their cabin north of Ottawa. He also is trying to master a fiendish instrument called the fiddle. 


Leonard Stöckl | Geologist-in-Residence | 2018

Leonard Stöckl joins GatE from Hannover, Germany. He has worked as a hydrogeologist since 2011 with the Geological Survey of Germany. Leonard completed his PhD on the freshwater of islands in 2016. Having worked in different groundwater-related, technical cooperation projects in Africa and Asia (Morocco, Tunisia, Namibia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Vietnam), Leonard brings us a wealth of varied knowledge and will be conducting research on the groundwater of Fogo Island in his time here. In his free time, Leonard is a rock climbing and yoga instructor.

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Jack Botsford | Geologist-in-Residence | 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Jack is a retired geologist and artist. He worked in the resource industries as an exploration geologist before returning to graduate school in New Zealand and Newfoundland, completing a Ph.D. at Memorial University in the 1980’s. He has lived in St. John’s for 35 years. Participating in the GatE program takes him back to one of his favourite parts of geology – the fieldwork. He joined us on Fogo Island for his first residency in Summer 2015, and is returning in Summer 2018 for his fourth residency. 

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Jane Wynne | Geologist-in-Residence | 2014, 2016, 2018

Jane joined GatE for the first time in 2014, and had a second residency in 2016. In summer of 2018, we are excited to welcome Jane for her third residency on Fogo Island. Jane was our first resident to hail from British Columbia. She retired from a career with the Geological Survey of Canada in Sidney, B.C. in 2012. Jane did her Master's thesis at MUN on a gold prospect near La Poile on the South Shore of Newfoundland. In 2012 a visit to Fogo Island and a single walk on Turpin's trail was enough to get her to put her hand up to become part of this program. Jane brings to Fogo Island a wealth of experience in Geology and a sense of fun to the sciences. 

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Maggie Whelan | Summer Student | 2018

Maggie joined GatE as summer student in 2018. Born and raised in St. John’s, Maggie currently studies geology at McGill in Montreal, and was happy to return to Newfoundland to assist with a variety of programming on Fogo Island. During her time here, Maggie co-presented with geologist-in-residence Jane Wynne on a range of subjects. In addition to this, she and Jane organized a series of Workshops for Kids at Fogo Island Geology Centre which incorporated art, teaching, hiking, and of course, geology. Maggie is continuing her studies at McGill and next summer, she will travel to Baffin Island to do fieldwork mapping carbonate rocks as part of her undergrad thesis.


Suzanne Nacha | Geologist-in-Residence | 2018

With parallel careers in both the geological sciences and the contemporary arts; Suzanne has spent the past 20 years working concurrently as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultant (specializing in geological data) and as a contemporary artist (exhibiting work nationally and internationally). Her GIS expertise includes digital mapping and database architecture specific to the collection and interpretation of geological data. Early in her career she spent many field seasons mapping bedrock and structural geology in remote parts of Canada including the Foxe Fold Belt in Central Baffin Island, The Archean Prince Albert Group in Nunavut and Archean granite-greenstone terranes in Northern Ontario. As an artist Suzanne works in painting, sculpture and animation. Mining the properties of paint and clay; she explores our human relationship to the earth, the structural properties of materials and deep geologic time. 

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Sarah Greene | Summer Student | 2017

Sarah grew up in Tilting, Fogo Island, and now studies at the University of Ottawa. We were so pleased to have Sarah home for Summer 2017 as our very first summer student with GatE. She acted as a field assistant for the geologists-in-residence, organized a wide range of community activities, mainly for youth, and undertook her own project, cataloguing dropstones around the Island. Sarah is currently continuing her studies in Ottawa.

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Scott Schillereff | Geologist-in-Residence | 2015, 2017

Scott Schillereff, Ph.D., P.Geo. was our first geologist-in-residence for 2015. Scott is a geologist and hydrogeologist with 35 years of professional experience in the private, public and academic sectors. While he was a resident geoscientist with GatE, Scott guided geology walks, and worked on a local project relating to groundwater on Fogo Island. Scott also gave public presentations on geoscience during his residency. 

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Susan R. Eaton | Geologist-in-Residence | 2016, 2017

Susan R. Eaton is a geologist, geophysicist, journalist, polar snorkeler and conservationist based in Calgary, Alberta. In 2015, she was named one of Canada’s top 100 modern-day explorers by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. She is also the founder of Sedna Epic Expedition, an organization comprised of an international team of female ocean scientists and journalists who snorkelled the Northwest Passage as a call for attention to climate change and the resulting decrease in sea ice. Susan has completed two residences with GatE on Fogo Island.

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Marina Schofield | Geologist-in-Residence | 2016

Marina Schofield joined GatE in 2016 for the months of July and August. Marina has also worked for the Geological Survey of Newfoundland & Labrador in several positions, and is currently a PhD Candidate at Laurentian University in Ontario. In her time on Fogo Island, Marina hosted geology hikes for visitors, and compiled a field report on mafic dykes (geological features of which seventeen were mapped on Joe Batt's Point Trail during Marina's research). 

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Kevin Sheppard | Geologist-in-Residence | 2014, 2015

Kevin Sheppard joined GatE as a resident geologist in the Summer of 2014. Kevin's research on Fogo Island and Change Islands focused on the glacial, deglacial, and sea level history affecting the 450 million year-old rocks that underlie this place. Sheppard was born on Fogo Island and lived here in childhood. He came to the residency program from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation where he provides technical geological advice on aggregate materials used in civil engineering projects, project management for hydrogeological, environmental, and archaeological reporting by service providers, and stakeholder consultation.

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Dr. Peadar McArdle | Geologist-in-Residence | 2014

Dr. Peadar McArdle was our first geologist-in-residence for the 2014 season, as well as our first European geologist in the program. He is the former Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland, a post he held from 1992 to 2010. Dr. McArdle has written books about Ireland's geology and has a special interest in landscape and writers' views of it. Over the summer of 2014, he gave three presentations about a variety of topics, such as a brief history of the origin and uses of granite, and Fogo Island's place in it. 

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Sheridan Thompson | Geologist-in-Residence | 2013

Sheridan Thompson specializes in coastal geomorphology, and completed a residency on Fogo Island in September 2013. She studies coastal processes such as erosion and determines the factors contributing to our dynamic changing coastlines. During her residency, Sheridan conducted research on the coastlines and beaches in the area around Tilting. She also did excursions on some of the coastal trails and engaged the public through lectures and other related activities. 

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Andy Kerr | Geologist-in-Residence | 2013

Andy Kerr was the first geologist-in-residence for GatE on Fogo Island in August 2013. Andy retired from his time as a senior geologist with the Geological Survey of Newfoundland & Labrador, and now works as Adjunct Professor and Lecturer at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He first worked on Fogo Island and Change Islands in the 1990s. Andy says he is drawn by the natural beauty, superb environment and cultural diversity of the island. He has a strong interest in communicating Earth Science to the public and he was keen to participate in GatE's geotourism initiatives.