Geology at the Edge is an initiative of Shorefast, a registered charity of Canada. Unlike a foundation, Shorefast was not established with a permanent endowment, and therefore must actively fundraise to grow its charitable work. Shorefast’s projects are diverse and include a range of place-specific social businesses and charitable initiatives. While our social businesses contribute funds back to Shorefast to support our charitable programs and capital projects, we also rely on the generosity of donors and partners to help realize our vision for Fogo Island as a thriving rural community that is able to hold onto its roots while finding relevance in the modern world.

Follow the link to contribute to Shorefast and Geology at the Edge, supporting the diverse range of programs with the shared goal of economic diversification and long-term resilience on Fogo Island:



We would like to thank our kind donors whose generous offerings have contributed greatly to the capacity of Geology at the Edge for accessible knowledge and hands-on learning.


Husky Energy

Geological Survey of Newfoundland

Chris Verbiski


Quentin Gall

Paul Dean

Beth McLarty Halfkenny


Peter Emberley